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WHO is b'spoke creative

B'Spoke Creative focus on  brand development, guidance and creative direction for business.  

Our focus is on growth, internally and externally for the business and the business owner.  Guiding small business on how to better prepare themselves for the new and always changing market.  Strengthening their relationship with their existing clients and forging strong connections with the new.  

chief brand invigorator

Meet our founder and chief Brand Invigorator, Kirsten Mitchell.  Kirsten’s career started the first time she stepped on a runway where she built herself as a professional model and flourished in this role for 15 years. Through her modelling career she found herself mentoring, teaching and developing models, photographers and other creatives, which then built the foundation for Kirsten’s own Agency in her early 20’s.

The Agency took to international waters with affiliates over 10 countries around the world. After 10 years of some major wins, she felt the time had come for change.  The landscape had changed significantly within this time and the time had come for new beginnings. A change of pace in a new direction led Kirsten to discovering her deeper passion – developing businesses. Kirsten utilises her personal experiences and knowledge to help others’ establish and grow their business. This comes easily to Kirsten and her satisfied customers reflect her success. 

Kirsten’s passion is developing business. It’s her primary focus to create accessible marketing plans and solutions for her clients; it’s all about finding a client’s unique story and connecting that story with the business, ensuring this message translates to their clients.

For Kirsten, this is it. This is what drives her everyday. And by delving deeper into the world of brand awareness, digital marketing, problem solving, strategy planning and business development, she found herself creating her dream business; cue, B’Spoke Creative: a marketing consulting agency that focuses on providing real people with real life marketing solutions.

KIRSTEN MITCHELL: Chief Brand Invigorator & Founder

KIRSTEN MITCHELL: Chief Brand Invigorator & Founder